Photos & Quotes


“… a mature, slicing player who is confident and assured and the band just pumps it up. She can do mellow, too. Her sets take you travelling, leaving no time to catch your breath as you skip along through scenic musical vistas.” –

“Gillian commands the audience with her fiddle playing and charismatic style.  She has taken the music she was steeped in and made it her own, developing an approach that is modern, full of spirit, and has more than a hint of punkiness!”  – Fiona Heywood, The Living Tradition, IRELAND

“In the hands of Gillian Boucher the violin is a vehicle of transportation for the mind. Her lyrical approach and sensitivity transcends genres and cultures, transporting listeners to far off exotic places accessible only in imagination.”  – Glenn Meisner, CBC Radio, CANADA

“Gillian Boucher enthralls, not only with the serene beauty of her music but with her stage persona and skills.”  – The Daily News, NEW ZEALAND

“Gillian Boucher is a smooth, crisp fiddler who oozes expression with an up-beat fiddle style…”  – Rambles Art Magazine, SCOTLAND